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are her 5000 year old history of being subjugated by the patriarchy. abused, enslaved and owned by men, conditioned to be passive and obedient, and told she is the weaker, lesser, and evil sex, unable to be educated or vote, or own or inherit property, her lesser status decreed as God’s will, substantiated by both the Koran and the New Testament in the story of Adam and Eve.

We are just coming out of the gates, for the very first time after 5,000 years! It is not easy. It makes sense we might struggle with not feeling good about ourselves, why we might have a hard time speaking up for ourselves and setting boundaries, why we may feel unable or not wanting to compete when we come out into a world that is so very corrupt and toxic. It makes sense we might be superficially obsessed with how we look, when for how many thousands of years this was our only and greatest asset. We were taught our mind didn’t matter for thousands of years! and neither did our soul!

The places where there is the most war on the planet, are the places that have the fewest women having equal participation. Until women are equal, man can not make love to a woman, until man and woman can make love, there can be no health inside of us or on this planet. Sexual abuse and FGM create sexual trauma, which creates fear around sexuality for women, which becomes a barrier to the free natural expression of erotic love between a man and a woman. Until this relationship is healed, war will persist.

Any kind of sexual trauma for a woman, may stunt her growth. Any kind of experience where she feels dominated or powerless can stunt her growth. She may become more passive, more unable to speak up, to set boundaries, unable to trust herself, to move forward, to know, own and pursue her dreams. The experience of being dominated is traumatic; like fruit that is plucked too early does not have the chance to ripen fully, growth is stunted.