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She had always been there, and always would be. Like a tree or a stone, a river or the sun. Most everyone walked by Her, without noticing Her. “Hello, I’m here”, She would call to them. But they couldn’t hear Her. And then one day a man came by, a special man, and he noticed Her immediately. “All my life I have been looking for you, and now I have found you”, he exclaimed. And as it was everything She had waited all her life to hear, She had a hard time believing it was actually real. She was so used to nobody noticing, She had almost begun to forget She existed at all.

And then one day the man’s father called to him. And as he was the king of a large land, the prince in honor of his family loyalty and civil duty ran immediately. Never would he, could he, let his father down. There was much his father asked of the young prince, and obligingly the young prince did not hesitate to do it. And after many years had gone by, he had completely forgotten Her. Day and night She called to him, day and night She waited for his return, all her life She spent waiting, until one day She gave up. She realized it was not yet Time for Her to exist. The world was not ready for Her. They were too busy chasing their tails. And She died. And the earth was forever destroyed.


“Maybe next time they will notice me”, She said to the Sun.