Brooke is a gifted psychotherapist, teacher and empathic intuitive healer. She works with clients individually to bring to light and transform the core unconscious beliefs and conflicts that are holding a client back.

Brooke specializes in empowering her clients. Through humor, care and commitment she teaches healing life lessons and self healing techniques such as mindfulness, meditation and a spiritual psychology perspective. Clients learn how to better love, accept and nurture themselves and how to deal with fear, self-judgment, and painful feelings.

Brooke also specializes in helping women re-discover their voices; helping women set boundaries, trust their feminine wisdom and express their authentic selves fully in the world. She has worked extensively in the eating disorder recovery field for the last seven years, and has helped many women recover happy healthy lives, free of food and body image issues.

Brooke’s compassion and kindness is another healing factor. Brooke cares deeply about her clients and she is dedicated to increasing the well-being of those she works with. Helping women love, honor, and cherish themselves and their bodies is her life purpose.