The Loving Heart Center is a community healing center dedicated to helping empower women to express themselves authentically, freely, and truthfully in the world. I am dedicated to helping women re-discover the Joy, Creativity, and Pleasure of BEING alive!

I believe everyone is simply learning and evolving. I see “issues” as an opportunity to learn, grow and know who we truly are. By resolving underlying conflicts and upgrading outdated belief systems, we become more free to be who we truly are. For example imagine you are a diamond in the middle of an onion, but you think you are the onion! Or imagine you are a swan, but you think you are an ugly duckling!

One of the most pervasive patterns I see amongst women and have experienced my self, is denial of Self. What this means is that we have become disconnected from very important parts of our BEING; for example, our feelings, instincts, power, intuition, voice, creativity, sexuality, dreams, passions, and/or body. As a result we may feel a lack of self-worth and are unable to love and nurture ourselves. We may develop eating disorders, become addicted to substances, or become depressed or anxious. In order to heal, we must reclaim these important parts of ourself.

I will teach you how to re-connect to yourself, so that you feel more confident, self loving, and more fully alive. I will help you create a life that is more fun, balanced and fulfilling. I will teach you how to nurture and love yourself. And I will help you overcome fear, self-judgment and self-loathing.

Many women are seduced by this culture to believe our worth depends upon how we look and how productive we are. It is all about the external world of “doing”, thinking that if we only did more, we might finally feel that we are enough. We go around in circles, in the rat race, like a hamster, never finding the love and fulfillment we were hoping to find. Our hungry soul is desperate for this cycle to end, the voice inside us that knows something is not right, a voice that has been silenced but will not be forgotten.

When we learn how to slow down and “BE”, slow down enough that we can smell the roses, when we make time to listen to our heart and our soul and attune with our truest desires, when we make time to acknowledge and process our feelings, making nurturing and loving ourselves our real job, when

we play, dance, sing, and create, with no expectation or pressure, when we seek to be happy rather then perfect or right, when we discover the pleasure of learning and Being, and the joy of loving and sharing our gifts, then we know who we truly are, and we know that we are, and always have been, enough. We have found the fulfillment we were looking for in food, perfect bodies and perfect careers.

I believe that our culture and the values of our culture are unhealthy in a lot of ways and just by being born into it we can become sick. Women who are sweet, sensitive, wanting to please others, creative, smart, self-aware, and intuitive can be pre-disposed to picking up all kinds of issues. We have to get out of the reality we were born into, find our true selves, our true voices, and re-create life on our own terms. We strengthen our emotional immune system by learning how to love, honor, nurture and authentically express ourselves. Women healing and expressing who we really are, is what is going to heal this planet.