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To dominate women, is to stop the rain.

To stop the rain, is to make the earth dry.

No flowers can bloom here!

If no woman can fly.



There once was a beautiful woman who lived in Joy. Each morning she woke up and bathed in the river. She would swim and look up at the sky, feeling the sun, smelling the exquisite scent of flowers in the air, and listening to the birds. She would experience so much pleasure in Being and Listening and Feeling and Seeing, that she would start to sing.


One day there was a young man on his way to the market place, upon hearing this woman’s song, he became entranced. Never in all his life had he heard anything so beautiful, and so he decided he would marry this woman. The young man came up to the beautiful woman and said, “will you marry me?”. And the woman laughed, “why would I do that, I have everything in the world that I need.”. So the man said, “Well, if you marry me, you will get to live in a big castle and I will dress you in gowns of silk.” And the woman laughed again, “Why would I want to live in a castle, when I live happy here by the river, and why ever would I need gowns of silk, when there is nothing more delectable then the feeling of the warm sun and cool air on my naked skin?” The man stimulated by her refusal implored, “You will have servants to cater to your every need, and you will have the finest food and the most exotic spices from every region from around the world. And you will have trunks full of jewels.” The woman laughed again, “Why do I need jewels when there are more diamonds then I could ever count in the night sky, and why do I need servants, when the birds wake me with song, the river feeds me with pleasure and the sun loves me with Light. And why do I need food from around the world, when the trees give me fruit. I am happy sir. There is nothing more that I need. Thank you for your offer, but please leave me in Peace.”


The young man, realizing that his mission was harder then he thought told the woman, that he appreciated her feelings, and said, “Thank you for your time Madam. Good-day”. And left.


The next day he returned with his brother and four servants. And after the beautiful woman had taken her bath and had closed her eyes to dry in the grass in the sun, they drugged and captured her, and brought her to the young man’s castle. The woman was dressed in gowns and jewels, was fed fine food made with exotic spices from around the world, and was catered to by servants, and after not so many months, the woman stopped singing, and after not so many years she forgot she ever sang at all.


And then one morning while a servant was brushing her long beautiful hair, she heard something. It was music! The most beautiful music she had ever heard in all her life. She jumped up, to search for it, to see from where it was coming, but she could not find it, tired from looking all around the house and all around the garden, she sat down, and in the silence, she listened. The music was coming from within her, and she began to cry. The woman cried for many years, many many many years, and one day it was Time, and the woman walked out of the castle never to return, and went back to her home by the river. And after 5000 thousands years, she began to sing again.


Her husband would visit some days, sitting quietly by the river to listen to her. He realized the only way he could enjoy her song, is if he let her be free.